Dominate your inner Chi

How many times have you had that ONE date, with a beautiful and I mean BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, and you screwed it, or maybe you did IT well... but you felt that you weren't able to eat the whole steak! or maybe you couldn't grasp everything OUT OF HER.

How many times have you felt that your perfomance was worst than regular?

Does the size matter?

How many questions have you had so far regarding this subject? 

Have you had any reflections on this subject? Well, we both know that we have had it EVERYTIME!... in the world, in your life, maybe a little bit, sometimes, yeah, why not? we are thoughtful BEINGS.


And as thoughtful beings we are, let us talk about "CHI".

We can be certain about chi in many situations, pain for example (is chi manifested), an orgasm (is chi manifested), so following this principle we can say that "Chi" is bioelectric energy and if we dominate it, we can have lots of benefits!.

In PRESS, we know how to make difficult things easy because we are one of YOU, and we are certain that we will provide you with the right tools, so that you can enrich your life, as never before, following our step by step techniques in an e-mail course!.


Dear Reader,

An investment for yourself... and for your life!

How much do you invest in yourself? Maybe today you ate a burger in your favorite place, had a coke

How much do you treat yourself?

With these great pieces of advice, the longevity that you are about to achieve will be clear, in every sense of your life and the best part is that you really don't need to be "spiritual" (of course that if you are it is great as well!).

This newsletter e-mail course, has so many advantages, it is SO practical, SO useful, that it will make you appreciate us, once you finish to grasp everything.

You can subscribe to Press Element, for no cost! that way you will be always updated, with our services and what we are doing.

An entire course, just for you

If you think that this is about SEX, you are far away from the gist... Once you dominate and control your inner Chi, you can do so many things that you were not aware of...


- Self healing

You will have the power to heal youserlf from illnesses like flu, headaches, back pain, etc.

- Meditation

You will have the ability to meditate in three different styles and techniques from different schools of spirituality.

- Social Calibration

Th most useful weapon for social interaction, with your friends, for making new friends, and also for have yourself a date! You deserve it, champ...

- Multi - Orgasm

A powerful technique that will boost aggressively:

                    - Your immune system

                    - Your sense of pleasure

- Sexual Longevity

When you are aware of your inner energy, you will take care of it, and vice versa. YOUR ENERGY IS YOUR INNER GOD, that means that you will both have the key to understand each other in self knowledge

This wisdom is valuable and practical. It takes a lot of time to train,  understand,  grasp, and achieve. It is considered the most difficult technique a Man can achieve, it will surely pay you off.

Trust us, you are doing the right thing

If, in a period of 30 days you feel that this course wasn't useful or did not fulfilled your desires.

You will have your money back, no questions asked, PERIOD.

The risk is all on us, you will still have your information in your e-mail, FOREVER, and whenever you want to read it, our e-mails will have no place to go, in the year you want, when you say something like "I remember I bought something related to this some years ago"... BOOM! there we will be!. That is because life always wants to teach us.

Dimensions for acquiring knowledge

6+6 equals, what?... maybe you know, but how about 9-3? We all have the same idea, but we have different ways in aqcuiring knowledge, and that is related, also, to how we see our reality. You have your own strategies for acquiring knowledge.


In PRESS, we know that, and we deliver in our e-mail courses a diversity of techniques, in which you will be able to acquire knowledge, come on and see!.

This is not about Sex, but about the most powerful MEDITATION...

The energy produced in the intercourse helps to boost your levels of consciousness. For men, this is the most difficult technique to master.


How much would you be willing to give for this?

Consider all this BENEFITS:

Sexual Longevity


Mastering your inner Chi

Meditation techniques


Know How

and more!


Try our Chi's e-mail course!

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