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When love is delivered wrongly

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Let's imagine we are outside, we also have this friend that is very INTO hot dogs... and he says something like "Try this out!" and bumps the bun into your mouth in a very violent way...

What do you do?

A) Overreact negatively: You are the Wh@$#!"&F$"%$K"! guy, adding some violent behavior, as the cherry on the cake.

B) You laugh: You just enjoy clumsiness, and start thinking about your friend's powerful desire picturing you eating, and contrasting the flavors... what could it be? is it the bun's texture? is it the sausage?

What is certain is that this over excited actions come from love, sometimes love is tough... and you have to understand how to take it. The intention of the action was not to harm you, but overexcitation made it clumsy. It means that you are an important to him or her, if he is THAT nervous about that specific hot dog... LOL..

If you are the B person, congratulations! you are one step ahead of humanity! at least... THIS kind of humanity, it is pretty strange to find though...

Over Analize more, judge less!, sometimes people don't know how to deliver their "love", a word that we have used too much, also wrongly relating it to vulnerability or weakness, it is actually a word for infinite of actions.


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